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Your Natural Beauty

Style Your Life

Finding the perfect outfit can be a burden. With so many options available, the possibilities are really endless and the thought of buying new clothes can be daunting. When you're frustrated trying to come up with a stylish wardrobe don't give up or panic! That's where I can help.


Everyone has a clothing style that can help enhance their natural look - the trouble is knowing what best suits your body and lifestyle. I have over 25 years of personal styling experience with clients of every age and demographic. Whether your 80 or 18, I'll be able to help tailor an appropriate collection of clothes that make you look stunning and boost your confidence.


When working with me, I help create a wardrobe of clothes that suit your needs. I also help you understand what items work best for your shape, skin tone, hair color, and lifestyle.


Let's Talk Makeup

The cosmetics department at any store can quickly become an overwhelming place. With literally thousands of brands and products to choose from, its no wonder why so many people avoid this section of the store.


Makeup is a huge part of your personal styling, but with so many cosmetics available, using makeup and finding the right products can be overwhelming. I help you discover the best products available that work for you and help bring out your best features.


Whether it's one-on-one makeup or a small group setting, I'll help you or a small party learn the best tips and products when it comes to makeup. Don't let makeup intimidate you! Instead, set up an appointment with me today and let's get you looking your very best.

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