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Find Your Season

Which Season Are You?

What's your season? It's something you've probably heard before but never understood or didn't think about. But when it comes to fashion and personal styling, everyone has a distinct season that they belong to. The real challenge is knowing what color palettes, makeup, and clothing will best compliment your natural beauty. And that's where I come in.


I have worked in the fashion and makeup industry for over 25 years and use my breadth of work experience to pair my clients with the most complimentary makeup and clothing to suit their natural beauty.


When working together, I help you learn what your season is and the colors of clothing and makeup that harmonize with your skin complexion, eye color, and hair color to help you plan out your best wardrobe and style. I also help you identify the colors that don't best suit your appearance so you can focus on other pallets.


I want to help you look and feel your best, so let's talk! Contact me and set up an appointment for a color analysis today.


Colors That Compliment


Makeup That Enhances



Skin: cool undertones. High contrast between skin, hair, and eyes. Deep overall coloring.

Hair: Mid-brown, dark brown or black. Cool undertones.

Eyes: Light to dark brown, grey, dark blue, green.

_MG_1320 (11).jpg




Skin: cool undertones with little contrast between hair and skin. Cheeks are cool rosy color.

Hair: Light blond to medium brown. Cooler undertones.

Eyes: Blue, grey, cool green, grey, pale brown




Skin: clear and warm undertones. Cheeks are peachy. Lighter skin for your ethnicity.

Hair: Lighter blond to medium brown. Golden and red undertones.

Eyes: Blue, aqua, green, light brown.





Skin: warm and golden undertones. Low contrast between skin, hair, and eyes.

Hair: Mid-brown to dark black or deep red. Golden or red undertones.

Eyes: Hazel, brown, black, olive, or warm green.



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